Northern Uganda Top Journalist Chowoo Willy Arrested Taken to Kibuli CID headquarter in Kampala.

-In yet another attack on freedom,Uganda police today arrested Mr Chowoo Willy, One of Northern Uganda famous Journalist and the managing editor of the Gulu times Independent News platform.Choowo Willy was arrested today morning from Gulu town and taken to CID headquarter in kubuli Kampala.

The reasons for the arrest of the Journalist is still unclear.

Reaction from others journalists
“This is to all the media colleagues in Kampala, social media journalist
Chowoo Willy is being brought at CID headquarters in Kibuli, please follow him as we are on our way.”….James Ojoko Ojok.

“What happened, i know media pinch the hidden details alot, at times providing all u hv hidden is difficult. But the truth will be seen or heard one day. We cannot be finished even if it was about killing now….
#journalist4ever .”

Genesis Socrates
Release Willy, if we are to believe that this is a Democratic government. Stop the intimidation! We need Justice

Sokolokobangusay Kolongo you nailed it. I do not even know how the over zealous Police will prepare the evidence to match their charge sheets. Yesterday I tried to follow one post asking, why was Chowoo Willy Chowoo arrested. Trust me, I was so frustrated with the utter lack of details and yet everyone pretends to know what is going on, others even sympathized for what probably did not understand. At the end, Chowoo will enjoy free accommodation, transport, feeding and experience of botched justice system. I must make this statement and Counsel
Tonny Kitara could take note. Grassroot and social media journalism needs improving. It is so wanting in every aspect of it – the ethics, the approach, content and thus, the quality. When you read some of the posting, the language is antagonistic, chaotic, the facts are grainy, scattered, events being reported may lack nearly every content of its existence. Most importantly the lack of decorum when reporting on sensitive issues that requires more details. I have also seen the constant attack on Gulu Municipal Authority as corrupt without a proper basis to arrive at that conclusion. I know several officials who are pathologically corrupt, but when reporting an event, sufficient background sourcing may be needed to support such a claim. In the end, we wish Willy to even be released without justice because if we ask for justice, the Kampala style, the rich woman may win the case. You just wonder how many women are battered on the daily in Gulu there and their husbands spend nights in the coolers. Ask that light armed Pastor who slapped a mzungu, his experiences even Satan cannot reverse. Community reporters, know your ABC’s of grassroot journalism. Your role in enlightening society is very important, but it must be done responsibly, skillfully, and factually as much as possible. Good luck, Willy!