Some Northern Uganda’s artists formed organisation to boycott Juma Jammie Awards,

Some of Northern Uganda artists have officially agreed not to attend or perform at concerts that will offer them little payment.
The artists which were over 40 in number had this agreement signed in a meeting at Da Link Gardens in Gulu.
Chaired by Producer Simon aka Osai, various artists showed their anger towards promoters who bag Millions of shillings at concerts and end up paying them as little as 400,000 Uganda shillings.
As such, the artists have also promised never to perform at any shows organized by prominent music promoter and radio presenter Juma Jammie.
During the meeting, various artists raised their concerns and worries. One artist said that they are always given awards at the end of the year, which are of poor quality usually made of wood and given little money which cannot even buy a bag of cement.
The artists agreed that if any one wants them to perform at musical events in places such as Smiling Panda, Da Link Gardens and many others should pay each artist not less than 1 Million Uganda shillings, be paid good cash, not less than 5 Million when one wins an award,
This initiative reached breakneck when the artist were rallied to perform at the recently concluded Acoli Cultural Festival of which many of them were not happy with the money they received.
A resolution was made by the artists to organize their own musical show with no promoter attached on 1st January 2018 at Alobo in Gulu.