Northern Uganda’s Radio Stations had Refused To Play Bosmick Otim’s Audio “Megi Ber”

The audio “Megi Ber” was released by Bosmick Otim in late May before his journey to Canada.
It has been acclaimed the audio is not recommended for some audience mostly the juveniles because it portrays bad languages in words.
It’s alleged the audio is a beef song the Northern Uganda’s Super Star Bosmick Otim releases to show anger and concerns about his well being in Northern Uganda’s Music Industry.
Bosmick Otim in the audio “Megi Ber” used amongst other words that are very sharp and heart hurting to some individuals.
Most attempts by the public to request for the audio “Megi Ber” have been unsuccessful as the most radio stations claims of not having the audio.
Bosmick Otim’s funs have now resorted to using
Audio Downloading Centers to gain access to the new track “Megi Ber”