Northern Uganda’s Singer Afrobar narrates how he recovered from Covid 19 & the food he has been eating.

“Northern Uganda’s most powerful vocalist Afrobar temporary who is best known for songs such as ‘Acholi’ & ‘Laber mon’ narrates how he and his girlfriend recovered from this Global pandemic Covid 19.

“About a week ago i had short of headache and never took it seriously then later it was chills and some cough.The next couples
of days i started having waves of fever and chest pain and i though ohh well it must be covid 19 but i was not sure and never
though i could make it for the test anyways.i just stayed at home untill later in the week my girlfriend started having the same exact symptom
like i did that when i realized that both could have been exposed to virus maybe through the mail or even at the grocerystore no body knows but
sure we did.Its been a couple of days for both of us,waves of new symptoms,but with the help of each other,good healthy food,lots of fluids especialy
Gatorade and still aiming for full recovery.
My advise to you is to stay home,wash your hands always ,Don,t be scared but well aware of danger that lies before you.”..Afrobar posted on facebook.

Singer Afrobar is temporary basing in Toronto Canada.