Northern Uganda’s top social media influencer Spragga scoops a mega deal with Uganda AIDs/HIV Commission (UAC)

Northern Ugandans top influencer  Spragga Scoops international deal with Uganda AIDS commission (UAC) as socal media blogger for the campaign that’s going to run whole digital Uganda until the end of 2030.

Spragga is the most blessed social media influencer of Northern Uganda as always believed to scoop mega deal contracts under social media platforms as a blogger

Uganda AIDS commission is running digital campaign in Uganda until 2030 as they really wanna scoop collaboration with social media bloggers in work of influencing people to avoid the spread of AIDS/HIV among them.

Northern Uganda’s finest Social media blogger Spragga will be working as technician to provide digital coverage of the campaign for the given period of time as influencing people to avoid spread of AIDS/HIV through social media platforms.

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