NUEA completed the nominees for RNB catagory as Bepee,Oj Maxwell,Joe Emrold names didn’t appear in the list.

As we all knows,few months now remaining to Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards final event slated to take place in December Gulu the nomination is still going on, nomination for some catagories like Record Producer,DJ of the year and rnd Artist of the year is already completed.this brought reactions from others music Lovers complaining why Oj Maxwell,Beepee,Free Boy and Joe Emrold names didn’t appear in the list as they are very well known for that part.

Although Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards PR said no one should ask them any questions about the catagory Some still went ahead complaining and asking why any of the names above didn’t appear in the list yet they are very well known for that side.

“No more questions on who’s Nominated for this category, it is complete like we said it’ll only contain four (4) nominees this year of 2017!
Full-list is now here;
1. Pasha Amaro TheAfricansongbird from Arua District with the song “Betrayal” RNB’
2. Candy Beibe from Zombo District with the song “I love you” RNB’
3. Twisky Fingazz Muzique from Nebbi District (*error was made on his nominee artwork by District) with the song “Brown Skin Girl” RNB’
4. Nightinggal Adong ADONG “.

Here are some of the complains.
William Morro Bay
“What about Free Boy and Oj Maxwell.?*
“Is this a joke? No OJ maxwell, no Joe Emrold, no BeePee,, no Laxzy..lemme go” sleep