Nyinga Blamo Will Celebrate His 23rd Birthday On 20 November, 2017 (Tomorrow).

Nyinga Blamo aka Thomas Abang will celebrate his 23rd birthday on 20 November, 2017 (Tomorrow).
He is one of the most popular and talented singer who made his name for himself making the famous Northern Uganda’s music duo #Moverz.
His name Nyinga Blamo originally came shortly after he started doing solo music career some months back. We have compiled more of such interesting facts about Blamo that will surely surprise you.
– Blamo’s mother gave birth to him already a renown child in town and the entire Northern Uganda’s region thus, “Born A Celeb”.
All you Blamo’s fans, here’s your chance to celebrate his birthday by singing along to some his coolest songs.
1) Nyinga Blamo
2) Dong Pe
3) Kumi Kumi
4) Nino Pe
5) Kunu
6) Lacot
7) In my head
8) Killimwit
9) Tell Nobody
10) Pwuda Pwuda