Nyinga Blamo’s New Era Music Set To Release Its Official Logo

New Era Music is Northern Uganda’s major music group, founded in 2017 by Nyinga Blamo. It was mostly influenced by Blamo’s solo musical movement topically after the split of Team Moverz. It is owned by Nyinga Blamo Music Group, and operates through Northern Uganda. Records ently signed to New Era Music include but are not limited to Nyinga Blamo, Dope Boy Kunta and others
New Era Music was formed in 2017 by Nyinga Blamo in order to allow more artistic freedom for his own recordings. Hence, he garnered the nickname “Nyinga”.
Having left Moverz, and after trying to go solo musically. The first album released on New Era Music was “Nyinga Blamo”! As CEO of New Era, Blamo recruited several artists for the fledgling music group, such as fellow Joe Emrald and Dope Boy Kunta.
The original New Era Music had four different logos, depending on the genre but it’s set to release its official single brand logo.