Obol Simple Man elected by Gulu local government as chairman of technical service and work

It seems 2018 will be a smooth run to chairman/Singer Obol Justine Simple,Last Thursday 28/December/2017 Obol who is the councillor 3 Laroo Division was again elected as chairman of technical service,natural resources and work.

“Your prayers will help me do my work as required. Beyond party differences, Councillors of Gulu District 
Local Government yesterday 28/12/2017 again elected me as Chairman Production, Natural Resources, Works and Technical services during a full council meeting. Thanks for entrusting me to man this great departments of production, Natural Resources and Roads. Together we can keep Gulu District and Acholiland high. A Happy and prosperous new year 2018 to you all.”…..Said Obol Justine Simple Man