Obol Simple Man elected by Gulu local government as chairman of technical service and work

It seems 2018 will be a smooth run to chairman/Singer Obol Justine Simple,Last Thursday 28/December/2017 Obol who is the councillor 3 Laroo Division was again elected as chairman of technical service,natural resources and work.

“Your prayers will help me do my work as required. Beyond party differences, Councillors of Gulu District¬†
Local Government yesterday 28/12/2017 again elected me as Chairman Production, Natural Resources, Works and Technical services during a full council meeting. Thanks for entrusting me to man this great departments of production, Natural Resources and Roads. Together we can keep Gulu District and Acholiland high. A Happy and prosperous new year 2018 to you all.”…..Said Obol Justine Simple Man