Obol Simpleman cried out after he was attacked and robbed during day time.

Badmind never ends that’s why I failed to trust my own friends.today might be your day tomorrow might be mine, all people will never cry in the same day.

Today Singer Obol Justine Simpleman cried out after some unknown people broke into his house and disorganised everything without picking any vaulable goods,he added too that he was attacked few days ago by armed robbery at his office.

“The more I keep silent something bad and serious may happen to me when people are not aware, last week my office was attacked and robbed during day time by armed guys barely a week and a gain today some unknown person broke into my house ( bedroom ) and opened all drawers cupboard disorganise my room yet valuable things were not picked…. God what are they upto and what do this heartless people want from me. Pray for me my friends, I feel my life is at a risk”……… said Obol Justine simple.