OJ Maxwell Back In Studio With A Brand New Album Titled “The Return Of OJ”

Northern Uganda’s finest RNBsinger, OJ Maxwell lays his heart on the music line once again with his new album, “The Return Of OJ”.
With his new studio album, “The Return Of OJ”, to be out in September, the former Pine Avenue 5’s RNB signed artist, reflects on the inspirations that he’s injected into his new coming tunes.

Northern Buzz: How long did your new coming album “The Return Of OJ” take to create?

OJ: Well, I took a break after ‘The One’ [his last project] to do a myriad of things. I went for commercial farming twice during that period, did some travel for myself that wasn’t music related – it was just life related for myself – and I also moved my life to my village and set up agribusiness there. Then I did a lot of writing for a lot of other artists for a while. I entered this zone where I was invited in to do some work when people were waiting for the new OJ’s album – nothing that ended up going on it, but I was immersing myself in this new world, so that was a period and then I decided to commit to making my new record. It’s been over a year since ‘The One’ came out and basically for that whole period I’ve been like a sponge and taking inspiration from all these different travels, from this relocation and from immersing myself in new music and different experiences.

The new album is being worked on by renowned producers in the land, Samuel Zii and Lumika.
Wait for “The Return Of OJ”.