Oj Maxwell,Eezzy,Oza and Destiny are paid 3million ugx each for ‘Live again’ Collabo.

Recently when Wilobo hit maker Oj Maxwell,Eezzy,OZA and Kodi Oting crooner Destined Destiny Meets on one beat ‘Live again’ a song for consoling communities on the covid 19 lock down,most fans thought the organizing of the song was headed by one Artist among them or their management.

The truth is! ‘Live again’ collabo was organized and sponsored by ILA Uganda a Gulu town based Non profitable organization (NGOs)

All the four artists in the first place denied to share the amount they were given to jump on that live again beat but a clarified source from ILA Uganda told Northern Buzz that the ‘Live again’ project budget was 12,500,000 ugx.

500,000k was for the Audio,2millions for video while 10million was given to those artists… Oj Maxwell was given 3millionugx,Eezzy was also given 3milion ugx,while Destiny and Oza are given 2millions each.

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Live again OJ Maxwell,EeZzy,Destiny & OZA ft Ila UG|Mp3 Audio|