Oj Wangz Yearns For Giramiya Trina, Described Her As The Most Beautiful Girl ln Northern Uganda

Yearning For Someone To Love, Not Just Someone To Label.
There are some of us who just can’t decide if we will settle for desperation or desire.
Singer Oj Wangz desires to have, radio presenter Giramiya Trina as his date.
Not unlike many people, he feels things deeply and wants a fairytale love, one where self-sacrifice and hopeless romance fill the days and a storybook ending awaits the happy couple.
Oj Wangz’s recent released “Your Number” was a tribute song to the most Beautiful girl in northern Uganda as he claims.
There is a remarkable difference between being desperate for a boyfriend or girlfriend and yearning to truly love and be truly loved.
Humans have an innate desire to be loved, cherished, and held in high regard.
We wishes him the best to have his desires granted.