Okeng Borntown acquired a new Ride worth 32millions UGX.

Despite the fact that singer Obwor Alex best known as Okeng Borntown wasn’t named among the Richest Northern Uganda musicians in 2019-2020, the singer is still prooving that he have the papers despite the closing of show business due to Covid 19,from spending money to contest for Otuke Mayorships to buying a Ride.

Today 6th November Okeng borntown show off his ride he acquired early this month via a social media posts with the captions.
“2020 I have been working silent but wait…And see real me musically.
#Thanks Jesus for blessings me again and again””.. Said Okeng borntown

According to the clearified sources,this is the second car Okeng is adding into his parking yard and the source claims Okeng borntown bought this second number plate UBE at 32millions Ush.

Northern Buzz keep you posted!