Okeng borntown officially in a political race,he confirmed that he will be contesting for Otuke….

Has professor Ogenga Latigo said that Bobi wine has changed the core system of Uganda politics seems to be true.Young men and women are joining politics like never before before.

Singer,comedian also a actor Okeng Borntown who was planning to chops off is dreadlocks recently has officially joined the political race.Speaking to this platform evening 1st Sept,2021,Okeng confirmed that he will be running for Otuke District Mayorship seats in this coming 2021 general election.

Okeng also added he will runs for the seat because the people of Otuke District want him to do so.

“Am not just a musicians am also a politician,my consultations for the race as Otuke District mayor in the coming 2021 election is going on now,this is my home town.Am contesting because the people of Otuke want me as their Mayor”…Okeng born town