Opiyo Twongweno New song ‘Ka inongo gipe’, Proves that the singer is better Bosmic Otim currently

The question Opiyo Geoffrey Twongweno needs to ask himself right now is quite simple: how good do I want to be? Because he’ll know that he’s currently better than his rival Bosmic Otim.

We’ve all spoken over the past year or two about these two high Northern Uganda profile singers Bosmic and Twongweno.Yes Opiyo Twongweno currently better than Bosmic Otim.To understand how we’ve arrived here, at the moment it’s more like Twongweno has taken his music to another level by Openning his 2018 with two new fresh hit songs ‘Ka inongo gipe’, and ‘Mon mabejo’ unlike Bosmic Otim who is still quite.

Download opiyo Twongweno latest song below

Free MP3 Download:Ka inongo gipe by Opiyo Twongweno