Am original & better,Eddy Wizzy songs are copy cats,Preacher Man opened up a fight with Eddy Wizzy over ‘Weng nono’

They say the best prove actions, not words. Earlier this week, Luo Vibration’s Preacher Man who claims he is the biggest artiste in Northern Uganda unleashed a surprise attack on pretty much his fellow male artist, saying Eddy Wizzy’s latest hit song, Weng Nono was copied from Dr. Jose Chameleon’s song #Bwerere thus tagging Eddy Wizzy Unoriginal.

In the online diss post, Preacher Man ruthlessly thrashed his peer over copy cat and along with it, opened up a fierce and unprecedented supremacy battle between him and Eddy Wizzy’s fans. Other Northern Uganda’s artists and musicians have responded in various ways…. But now, Eddy Wizzy’s brother Driller a menacing firebrand responded to Preacher Man just by reminding him even his hit song #Introduction was not original as he claims to-be since the song’s lyrics and even beats were exactly that of Tanzania’s singer Alikiba Say what you wish. But he’s the baddest in the game. And forever will be. (Eddy Wizzy’s fans reacted) We are told Eddy Wizzy is just waiting for the madness to die down before he delivers the final, fatal blow.

“Military minded for my dream….where is the dream when artists can’t create no more???? I hear “”Weng nono”” means Bwerere..a song done by chameleon…years back…northern Uganda..where is smokie Allan..Judas rapknowlege…sean simple….bosmic otim to save the industry….Wen we need dem for concerts…love the newest divas like liama….acholi empire putting in work…me am original…Ann mi nah beg no friend 15th Jan…album…..deh pon…luo vibrations..Shuttah”…..Preacher man