Pastor Bugingo could face imprison for life Over the Controversial Burning Of Bibles

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the House of Prayer Ministries is currently living on tenterhooks after receiving court summons over controversial burn of bibles three months ago.

Nabweru Court Chief Magistrate, Esther Nasambu yesterday issued court summons to Bugingo calling him to file his defence about the allegations, not later than 15 days.

The head of the Born Again Faith in Uganda Dr. Joseph Serwadda and Bishop David Kiganda filed a case against Bugingo accusing him of ‘violating Christian’s freedom of worship’ resulting from burning bibles claiming they are satanic.

According to the Salt FM and TV proprietor, bibles like The King Jame’s version, the New Testament, The Good News Bible have been tampered with and some verses omitted.

He says that the lines talking about the Fasting and Lent, in general, were erased and that the word “Holy Ghost” appears a whopping 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only seven times.

He, therefore, requested members of his congregation to collect all the said Bible versions and set them ablaze.

It’s from this point therefore that the two pastors went to court challenging his actions saying they ‘tantamount to an attack and insult of all Christians’ who believe in the Bible.

They want the court to issue a permanent injunction restraining Bugingo and his followers from burning and destroying Bibles.