people with no money cannot serve God well – Pr Kayanja

Christians have been advised to not only concentrate on the spiritual religious view of Christmas, but also exploit its economic valuable, financial perspective.

Miracle Center Pastor, Robert Kayanja, remarked as he delivered his sermon to hundreds who turned up for Christmas prayers at the church in Kampala.

“No national event, holiday, Idi, where the whole world spends money like Christmas. Even when you go to Sudan, China, Dubai, Russia, all are celebrating Christmas,” he said.

“We were in for a calculation here, and we made a simple presumption, that at least one million people in Uganda each bought a Kilogram of meat at sh.10, 000 this Christmas, that is sh.10b already spent on meat a lone. If we increased to 5 Kilograms each, that is sh.50b, and this benefited only one category.

The money made by the nail painters, hairdressers, those selling tomatoes, onions, rice, and Matooke, among others is not counted, where are you?” he asked.

He said poverty is not associated to Jesus Christ adding Uganda is not a poor country. “Do not curse the world for nothing,” he advised.

He said that it’s hard for a believer who cannot not meet his or her daily needs to serve God.

“For instance there is a woman, his husband died, but she well managed her husband’s pension and established three farms. In this period, she was given a contract to supply 150 cows. And her cow weighs 250 Kilograms. This period a lone, it means she has made money worth over sh.26b, isn’t she rich?” Kayanja asked.

Amidst ululations, Kayanja said, they had dedicated the just ended (6th) phase of the popular 77 Days of Glory to financial break through, to enable God’s people overcome all financial barrages.

He attributed the several testimonies of financial success, job promotions, and peace in homes, child bearing, and business success, disease healing, among others; the people delivered, to the Holy Spirit and the God’s power that manifested during the phase.

The pastor announced the 7th phase of the 77 DOGs revealing that they will continue invoking the Holy Spirit to do more and more until God’s people are liberated from the bondage of the devil.

Kayanja used the occasion to warn Christians of false prophets.

“I want to tell you there is no any prophet around Kampala, if there was any, they would have prophesied that Sudhir Ruparelia was going to financially crumble, and that the banks would attach his property,” he said.

He tipped Christians on how to break through: “You do not need to do everything by yourself, as a born again, you need to travel and do business, you must be in office, and you sometimes need to leave others to fight your spiritual battles, through being honest with tenth and in God’s offertory.”

Kayanja preached love for one another and sharing in biblical reference of John 3:16, “for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him, should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Drawing lesson from the gospel of “John 3:3, “Jesus answered and said into him verily, verily, I say unto you, except a man is born again, he can see the Kingdom of God”, he tasked the people to take the new born Jesus Christ, as their lord and personal savior.

He reported that since this year over 70,000 people had accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and got baptized at the church.