“People Who Can’t Talk To Me On A Normal Day, Use Their 250/- Data To Talk Sh*t About Me” – Okeng Borntown Fired Back Acheng Fillet

Opong Imon hit maker, Okeng Borntown has shown he’s one outspoken person, and he’s ready to give it back to his critics fire for fire. Recall in a previous rant, Okeng Borntown never aired his opinion about the uncleanliness attitude acclaimed on him by one Acheng Fillet on his facebook page “Team Okeng Borntown Wod Luo”.
In her rants on facebook, Acheng Fillet called Okeng fake and homeless and accusing him of impregnating ladies and afterwards dumping them without caring for his sperm-outcome.
”Facebook please stop that one that is putting ice cream on everyone’s lips and nipples with the same spoon.
OMG now she is sitting on the bare floor with her butt half exposed, yuck, talk about fake and homeless. Now she is putting Tobi’s sweat on another’s lip and had someone else lick it up, am I the only one seeing this?
My God, this one is talking bloody nonsense, how can someone talk so much?”, said Okeng Borntown.
Folks on social media called Acheng Fillet out, and asked her if she was any victim to the accused.
Okeng has now fired back Acheng Fillet and requested her to prove her words right in short while.
He also didn’t forget to come for those he described as people, who’ll see him, and can’t walk up to him, but yet use their f***ng 250 shillings data to insult him on social media.
Here’s the post screenshot below