PHOTOS: Gulu Municipal Mayor George Labeja Splashing Money {1,500,000/-} On MC Young Moni During Young Moni’s 23rd Birthday Party At Clifton Bar

It was on his 23rd birthday that MC Young Moni hatched the idea of hosting the mayor George Labeja at Clifton for the birthday celebrate, which was the first of it kind in town.

Who is MC Young Moni?

I am engaged to someone “names withheld”. My parents died when I was quite young and I don’t really like talking about that memory. I grew up in Gulu and I have profound memories of my childhood.

I loved swimming at Golden Peace hotel and Bomah Hotel Gulu; I loved listening to music, watching television, reading story books as well as touring. In my free times I loved attending daytime parties of friends. I remember I had at some point in my childhood wanted to be many things, from a lawyer, poet, writer and actor.
Why did you decide to start lavish birthday parties?

I live life to the fullest and anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love to have a good time. So, any excuse to host a party – and it is on. The first major event was my 23rd birthday which was in Clifton bar Gulu on 20th January 2018.
I remember the DJ playing music and everyone dancing in the parking lot. I thought to myself well, this is amazing. I am going to do this.
I got in touch with my friend, the municipal mayor George Labeja at our hangout. He said to me that they had never had a ‘private’ tent before, but he could make an exception.

So, I collected furniture, cushions and artifacts from my house, put them in there, called my DJ friends DJ PAPUZ and DJ Anderson, called up my fabulous friends and put all the experience I had from hosting parties over the years into one sunny afternoon and there it was; the birth of MC Young Moni!

I still don’t understand how you coined the name Young Moni…

I am such an extrovert; so flamboyant. I love all things colorful, extravagant and money itself.

Inconsistency and incompetence is top on my hate list. I put a lot of work into these events and I pay attention to detail. So, when I promise my guests a camel in the club, I want to deliver. But the camel owner will somehow disappear on the day, and that is very frustrating. We must keep our word.

How was it different from the past parties?

I have learned a lot over the years, experienced so much. Mistakes that were made will not be repeated. This year’s venue was absolutely beautiful. It is a place I have always called home-away-from-home.

I have always dreamed of having something magnificent there, so yes we created the magic. First, there is the lineup of DJS. Johnny Walker is on board with their finest whisky, the Gold Label Reserve, exclusively for all my guests.

Any prominent figures you invited?

Young Moni Birthday Celebration is an exclusive event that is attended by the crème de la crème. It is not by invitation. Tickets are for sale and everyone who attends is VIP; so yes, they are all prominent.
But to my mayor George Labeja, I humbly appreciate your love and supports.