Pine Avenue 5 manager Steve in an open fight with a Radio presenter Alexander Okidi.

A multiple reports coming in shows that the Pine Avenue5 record label manager Ab Steve and a Radio Rupiny presenter Alexander Okidi are engaging themselves in unknown reasonable fight that had already taken over two weeks.

We were told Ab Steve and Alexander Okidi on Wednesday 4 march 2020 they almost physically fought themselves when the met in a certain hangout in Gulu town we are yet to identify ..After that,Pine manager Ab Steve could not succumbed it any more,the manager took the fight to social media by even calling presenter Okidi a grown up fool who knows nothing.

“Good morning fam. If am to ask who is this Alexander Okidi is it the guy who analyze sport n he think he can also analyze Music..? Okidi u r grown up fool who know nothing about music/hip hop stick to sport this is 2020 Gwok cuk try us” …Said Pine Avenue 5 manger Steve.

The reason for their fight are not clearly known but a source claims the two might be fighting for certain un identified woman working for a NGOs in Gulu town.another also claims Steve and Alexander Okidi are not in good terms since.

We are yet to reach Alexander Okidi and Ab Steve to clarify about the on going fight between them.

Northern buzz keep you posted!