Pine Avenue 5 plan to signs Pasha Amaro

This is a huge look for the Label/Pine Avenue 5
Pine Avenue 5 has expanded there Label roster as they plans to sign new Artist Pasha Amaro.The West Nile base vocalist.

Pasha Amaro which many consider to be one of the best vocalist in Northern Uganda is rumoured to be alignment with Gulu based Record Label Pine Avenue 5 Record as A New signing.Although the signing process is still unclear.News reaching us that CEO Pine Avenue 5 Rich Okot is on plan to sign song bird Pasha.

on the critically acclaimed album, Amaro is considered to have the best recorded songs ever.The plan came after Oj Maxwell and Mc Wangjok withdraw from Pine Avenue 5 to form their New Label Talent Avenue.17854844_1849043808678649_3437814428666036164_o
Check her song below