Pine Avenue5 CEO Rich Okot Plans To Get Back Oj Maxwell,Mc Wangjok,Abel Mubarak and the Fall-Out Boys

What fallout?
Pine Avenue5′ boys are getting back together in a short while.
Music team’s split-up is not a new thing in the entertainment industry.
I guess you know who the Mafikizolo and P Square are.
Mention their name to anyone, young or old, rich or poor, and they’ll know who Mafikizolo are. They’ve been the biggest and among the most successful music group for the past 10 years but they split up broke up and later on came together.
Another big split up was that of the world wide known P Square, you know it better than I could notes what they went through interm of break up.
The news going around as the result of Pine Avenue 5 group split has been so understandable that their hordes of fans were devastated when they split up – what is going on, they wanted to know? Was that the end of Pine Avenue5 for good? Were OJ MAXWELL, MC Wangjok and Pretty B fighting?
The good news is their CEO Rich Okot is only waiting for the funeral services for his late step mother [RIP] to get finished so as to fully solve the problem going on in Pine Avenue5.
The recent Pine Avenue 5 team had been real survivors in the music industry for the last five years by gaining fame with their catchy hit tracks like Catchy lover, Imito Gwaka and much more nice tunes.
As gossipmongers might have had us believe.
Their sound has to reflect their development as artists and individuals and also suit their fans, whose numbers have grown highly.
Unclear report is that Rich Okot’s excitement far outweighs his nervousness. “It’s like going back home to the rural areas after being a way for a long time,” he says happily. “You can’t wait to see all your aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, and visiting all the familiar places that make you who you are. Hevcan’t wait for the right opportunity to bring back the loss sheeps home. He’s not afraid of new challenges that will befall his adorable team.
On a more personal note, every music teams have faced big challenges.