Pine Avenue5 records label to unveil New Artist,here is the reason behind.

Pine Avenue 5 announced the signing of a New Artist to their label.

Pine Avenue 5 is a record label and an entertainment company founded and owned by Rich Okot. The company has offices in Pece Gulu Town Ugandan.

Rich Okot himself took to his social media account and made the excitement announcement:

“The famous PA5_MANAGER STEVE! After guiding PA5 to the most successful Xmas Show at Acholi INN IN the history of PA5, he is about to start unleashing soon PA5 for the year 20 20! New audios, New Videos, New tours and a brand new Artiste(RNB/GOSPEL) also joining PA5 !!Also congratulations to
Beepee UG for picking LEA award.”…Rich Okot.

According to Rich Okot,the main reasons of the signing is because the pine Avenue 5 want to add Gospel breed of artist into a label.