pliz Mc Kash Owakabi stop the shouting—Akanyango son responded after watching Northern connect show.

Last month Kash Owakabi announced that Northern connect will cross from Urban TV to NTV Uganda, Yes it happen with the possibility from Kunta production,most Northern connect fans appreciated that the show improved alot after crossing from Urban to NTV But others said they need improvement from all coners,from production to presenters.among these include son to Akanyango Andrew Okamu

After watching the show yesterday Andrew Okamu said Northern connect is improving alot but he responded that Kash Owakabi should stop and dress in more of an acholi related wear to make it more interesting

“Kany Kilwogo nining! Eeeeh brothers is it me alone … Northern Connect Israel Denis today I watched it critically its improving a lot. The editing is really good big ups to Kunta Productions but the presenters pliz stop shouting please not in bad faith but pliz Mc Kash Owakabi pliz stop the shouting and dress in more of an acholi related wear next time to portray the real culture. The dress code misleads viewers. 
*Tima Kica ka aloko marac*”……. Andrew Akamu19875579_783711001790834_4914371933542696704_n