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Jenneth Prischa and Judas Rapknoledge in an attempt to break Roslyn Otim,Tempra omona records of filling Pece Stadium ...

Editor:Ocen Lacor | November 2023-04


As Northern Uganda's music industry grow by 45% every year, participants and artist are ready to prove to the outside world and the fans within that indeed the Northern UG music industry have gone far., this all after Gulu became the second music powerhouse in Uganda, it's now very hard to bring artist from capital Kampala to perform in Gulu as said by music gigs promoters.

With no doubt or fear Backup Records singer Pato LoverBoy set the move and filled up Acholi Inn during his Obinen concert last September and this made the whole Northern music industry confident.

Jenneth Prischa and Judas Rapknoledge will be holding their concert at Pece Stadium, Gulu City.
Jenneth Prischa will be holding her concerts in 02, December and Judas Rapknowledge at the same venue a concert tagged Tribe of Judas Festival which he is set to announce the date soon.
If Judas Rapknowledge and Jenneth Prischa filled Pece Stadium to the maximum, they would be the first singers to break Roslyne otim, Tempra records of filling Pece Stadium in 2003.

In 2003, Roslyn Otim and young Tempra Omona filled up Pece stadium to the maximum where there were no places left to enter. after that, there is no event held in Pece Stadium that comes close to Roslyn Otim Pece Stadium concert.
We wish Jeneth Prischa and Judas Rapknowledge the best ahead of their concert.



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