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Singer Eddy Wizzy to announce concert date as promoters await to pour in.

Editor:Ocen Lacor | February 2024-23


It seems the date for the battle between Okello Patrick AKA Pato loverBoy and Eddy Wizzy is getting closer.

After five years of running the music industry without holding a single concert despite making hit songs annually and consecutively, Singer Okune Edward best known as Eddy Wizzy boldly ready to show his strength in the music industry this year 2024 by holding his concert.

Eddy Wizzy's management encountered with this platform early this week about the concert, they said the exact concert date will be unveiled after completing the important stuff about the event including the venue.

According to Eddy Wizzy and his team, the exact date of the concert which will happen in May 2024 will be announced early next month between  1st March and 8th March.

"Everything will be ok, the exact date will be out between 1st March and 8th March after preparations" ... Eddy Wizzy management.


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