Pregnant Radio Rupiny presenter Trina age 25 advise youths to abstain from sex to live a good life in the coming feature

Friday December 1st was world AIDS day. As such, various organisations took an initiative to show the fight against it.

Vision groups’ Gulu based Radio Rupiny rallied its fans to participate in this active day.

One of the participants who caught our eyes was one of their radio presenter by the name Trina who hosts the agaja program from 10am to lunchtime.

Apparently Trina held a placard with the initials “abstaining from sex”calling youths to participate in the activity to make sure they have experience a good health and life in the coming feature.

The 25 year old Presenter Giramiya Trina Surely she is not as she is rumoured to be a few months pregnant for a major radio Dj whose name is withheld.