“President Museveni” of 1986 inspired me to fight the “President Museveni” of 2018—–said Bobi wine

Shaka Ssali hosted Bobi Wine yesterday on #StraightTalkAfrica to discuss “The Role of an Artiste in African Politics”
Below are some of the highlights during the interview
Bobi wine: “My Christian name is Robert, which means Bob. My mother preferred to call me Bob. So I had to make it catchy and I made it “Bobi”. I realized I was growing getting better and more reasonable and I added “wine”. Bob Marley was an inspiration. When I was growing up, I listened to Bob Marley. I idolized Bob Marley very much. I would be flattering myself to compare myself to Bob Marley. He is absolutely great.
Bobiwine: My generation has examples to learn from. We don’t want to be enslaved by the deeds of the past.
Shaka: What would happen if Museveni of 1986-1996 met the Museveni of 2018?
Bobiwine: They would need a bigger space to fight
Bobiwine: Social justice, equal rights and rule of law; that is the kind of Uganda I envision. We are living in a country where 80% population is younger than me and unemployed. That is not the Uganda I want to see. I was inspired by President Museveni of 1986. The “President Museveni” of 1986 inspired me to fight the “President Museveni” of 2018.
Bobiwine: Before I joined formal politics. I had a responsibility and it was a self call. I was advocating for better living in the community. They call me Ghetto President because I took leadership on myself.
Shaka: Would you want to take the “ghetto presidency” further?
Bobi Wine: That is not the main target right now. My target is to infect many youths with this “Bobi Wine” mindset.
Bobi Wine: I wouldn’t want to elevate myself at the cost of my fellow artistes back home. Very many artistes are advocating for social change. Artistes are the mirror of the society. Fear sometimes overrides many musicians. It’s stopping the artistes’ noble duty of representing their society. It’s not that I don’t fear. I’m a natural human being but I know there is something more powerful than fear and that is the future and destiny of our country
Bobiwine: There are artistes I managed to emulate further, including Lucky Dube, Philly Bongole Lutaaya, among others. Bongole is a hero