Pretty B and Preacherman teamed up in a new ‘song’ Atangalu,could this be the collabo of the year?

May be now you can forget about ‘Bang raa’ collabo Eezzy featuring Cameroon or even ‘Kwata simu’ Free Boy & Winnie.

Luo Davi Acaa Beatrice best known Pretty B teamed up with Dance hall singer preacher man.the two managed to bring out a colabo signed with a name ‘Atangalu’.

Just three days after it released,the Atangalu song became one of the most plays anthem in town right now.could this be the calabo of the year? Please let us know in the comments section.

Download the ‘Atangalu’ song by preacherman featuring pretty B below.

Download:Atangalu By Pretty B & PreacherMan|Mp3 Audio|