Producer Nerio Badman said he is confident of completing the construction of his Pece based studio before year 2020 end.

NO doubt about this! In 2020,this guy still ranked as the most successful and the richest person in the Northern Uganda music industry interm of wealth followed by MC wangjok and then Bosmic Otim after joining National resistance Movement party/NRM.

Empire record CEO producer Badman Nerio has accepted the media to unveiled his under ongoing construction Mansion.The house is located in Pece Gulu city after ‘Cenjera market’.

Northern Buzz encounter with Nerio from the construction site,the producer said he is confident that he will complete the house before this year 2020 end and he added that the place will be the new home for Empire Studio.

“The house will be completed before the year 2020 and am confident.” he added “This is the New Empire record command center”… Said Nerio Badman