Promoter Abel Mubarak Turns 26

Several musicians will unite for adorable and winning promoter Abel Mubarak’s birthday party set for Bilawa Quite Garden today.
Abel Mubarak, who runs as chief promoter for Talent Avenue Promotions, has worked with various regional and international artistes at big shows for over a decade and some of the musicians and celebrities have seen it fit to celebrate with him.
Musicians OJ Maxwell, MC Wangjok, Laxzy Mover, Blamo Mover, Pretty B, Jacob Trigger, Dope Boy King Kunta, Fenato SaMiz and among others are set to attend the party.
“Most of the artistes on the list have been there in my journey as a promoter.
‘‘I have been promoting music for the past 12 years and it was not rosy,” he said.
He recounted how he used to organize shows at Alobo Limited during his High School at a very tender age but for the love he has for Northern Uganda’s musics industry, he gave it his best.
“We organised many shows in Northern Uganda and outside the region plus abroad and these are the best achievements God has blessed him with.
Abel said as he celebrates his birthday he has realised the weakness they have as promoters.
“We tried to form a promoter’s union but it all failed because we are not united.
‘‘Yes, it is my birthday but we need to come together as promoters to have events that uplift Northern Uganda’s showbiz,” he said.
“I am one of the promoters who managed to stand with Pine Avenue when it was gaining momentum.
‘‘There was need for grooming for most of the young stars and I think I did my best,” he said.
Turning to his relationship with other promoters he said they have no problems.
‘‘We consult each other and we do not have any problems,” he said.
Musicians that will take part at the celebrations said they are ready to celebrate the promoter’s big day.