Promoter Badman Solo Claims Liama Irene Was Bribed To Perform At Dalink Garden So As To-Be Declared Winner

The Northern Uganda’s Music Awards has come under fire since the Acholi Empire’s manager and promoter Badman Solo, made a statement about claiming his label’s musician Liama Irene received a bribe of 500,000/= for showing up at the award’s event.
This, has got a lot of responses from many Northern Uganda’s musicians and fans.
Solo has even decided termination of Liama’s contract with Acholi Empire New Face over the issues and had requested Liama to return the award plaques to the organizers of the event, promoter Juma Jammie.

“On Behalf of ACHOLI Empire, Skylight Promotions n Badman Management, I would like to Clarify on Yesterday’s Fake Award which was given to LIAMA after Juma Jammie Bribed LIAMA with 500,000/= to perform at his Usual Fake awards thru Kash Owakabi.
We as Acholi Empire, Skylight Promotions & Badman Management don’t recognise that Fake Award of Juma because there is No Music Award in the Whole World which is Given on Condition that an artist should first Perform before receiving his/her Award n also bribing the artist with Fake money which later doesn’t develop the artist.
The above reason is why artists from Northern Uganda have always been Poor including me coz we have been entertaining such nonsense for over a decade. Most of the artists who Recieve Juma’s Fake Awards later turn into Politicians after failing to Achieve their music Dreams due to Poverty coz Juma’s Money doesn’t n wil Neva Develop anyone especially artists in Northern Uganda.
As for me, I only work with Discipline artists.
We don’t entertain Bribery coz we believe in Good Music n Fair Awards.
E.g I rejected Juma’s Bribe for Polite Mosko that’s why Mosko didnt appear at the Fake annual Awards so he had to replace him with other fake artists who entertain his nonsense.
I personally am Very disappointed in Liama Irene for allowing to be bribed to Perform without following the Record Label’s Contract Agreement. Therefore, anyone who wants to book LIAMA for any performance from today should kindly directly Contact her or Bribers { Juma & Kash}.
NB:- I will only Resume to Work as LIAMAz Manager n Promoter if She Returns that Fake Award n Stupid Money she Obtained from Juma thru MC Kash.
I have Decided to Sacrifice on behalf of all the artists from Northern Uganda who have been suffering because of this for a Very long time in fear of their music not being played.
#AmTired. 2018 Year of Truth! Madegi Obedi.
Happy New Year!
2018 Must be Different! Get Rich or Die Trying!”, BadMan Solo posted on his facebook timeline.