Quincy Akisa finally accepted the 2millions UGX monthly salary from Pine Avenue5 record Label

The New goddess of Northern Uganda music is up for a fresh start in her music career. Quincy Akisa, the Gulu based ,is a New a musical powerhouse who might be recognized Country wide. Since she made her new entry with a grand debut into the music industry, she has never disappointed her fans. Her powerful lyrics and smooth voice always catch the attention and love of both the young and the old. The industry cannot wait for the revamped queen to release her first music video.

The big news!

May 2019 is a great month for this music guru. The singer finally accepted and pened down the contracts with the Pine Avenue5 record label.

According to the clarified source,Northern Buzz has learnt that Quincy Akisa have accepted to signed the 3years contracts with Pine Avenue5 record label that comes with 2million UGX monthly salary.

Even though the. Source claims that the bargain was between the two parties Quincy and the label from 3million UGX per month since February, the singer finally made her mind and signed the contracts.