Radio and weasle teams up with snoop dogg in a Collabo

Radio and weasle hit song,”Plenty plenty”attracted Snoop Dogg to join powers with the Kampala based duo.

According to BET TV,”The Ugandan duo, Radio & Weasel are working with American rap star Snoop Dogg for the remix version of their latest hit single “Plenty plenty”.

The duo shot the video of “Plenty plenty” in Johannesburg, South Africa late last year and they are now working on another video for the remix with Snoop which will be shot in Hollywood.

Speaking to BET Africa, the duo said they are excited about the collaboration with Snoop as he is one of the artists they grew up listening to and who has influenced their love of music.

“We are too honoured to work with the greatest (Snoop Dogg). We are just speechless we grew up listening to his vibes and the first time we were nominated in the BET: Best International African Act we were blessed and honoured to see him performing live at the awards,” the duo said.

“The song is all about love and sharing that little thing you have so as to make a better life and change the current state of your life,” said Moze radio.