Rakas Topa in a bloody fight with Pato LoverBoy over dancehall music, he takes Loverboy to dancehall class

The ragga dancehall artist decided to attack his counterpart pato loverboy just after he(loverboy) premiered his latest dancehall video titled “tonight” on NTV the beat hosted by Douglas Lwanga.

Rakas became curious when pato made mention in his conversation with Douglas on thursday 10th aug 2017 that he is a member of the firebase crew and Rakas hit back at pato by saying that there is one thing he has failed to understand about loverboy is from where and when did loverboy join firebase, he added that where did he leave his promoter or he is being promoted by firebase, he when further and said I thought an artist should sell the company’s name and also show pride and love with the people he works with.
Currently pato loverboy is signed under omario events but he failed to say it on TV and that really didn’t please Rakas. “Anyway that’s loverboy personality and I don’t agree with him” Rakas said.