Rakas Topa so Excited to Celebrate 10 Years in Music Industry

Rakas Topa  says he’s thrilled to have had a decade-long career in music and he had plans to celebrate the feat of it point this years.

 “Definitely a very big deal for me. You know, I can’t believe it’s 10 years already, but we definitely have to celebrate this year,” the singer said during an interview with Northern Buzz on Monday. “There are a few things I have in mind, so you’ll have wait on that, but don’t think I can forget because this means a lot to me that I made it to 10 years.’Am hosting it at Da link in Gulu town on 12th July this year.’
According to Rakas Topa,He will be celebrating his 10 years anniversary in music at Dr link Garden in Gulu town on 12th July 2019 Next month.

Northern Buzz keep you posted!