Rapper GNL Zamba honored & gives respect to Lumix da Don in his new song ‘Dear hip-hop’

Uganda legendary Rapper GNL Zamba goes down in memory in his new song ‘Dear hip-hop”

‘Dear hip-hop’ is a truck on which GNL Zamba tells his journey and the beginning of hip-hop in Uganda from Babaluku,Lumix da don’t,Lyrical G,Navio,Lad Slyke up to GNL and mulekwa

From his point of view, GNL Zamba talk about Lumix da don’s contributions to UG hip-hop industry taking a note on how Don help to spread the hip hop culture in Uganda back in the days.

Download ‘Dear hip-hop’ by GNL Zamba below.

Download:Dear hip-hop/acknowledge Lumix by GNL Zamba|Mp3 Audio|