Rapper Sean Black Derro Set To Shoot “Tam” Video This Weekend

Late Lumix Dadon’s brother, Sean Black Derro had announced Sunday as the shooting date for his song’s Tam video.
Although this video is yet to be shot, by Sunday , August 6, the set is highly anticipated to be such an over-the-top rendezvous; that is, if the rapper’s words be anything to go by.
As it turns out, this one is plotted to indulge a posse of roisterers – most especially “those who are interested in showing the rest of the world how we get down in Northern Uganda.”
As such, Sean Black, unambiguously, let his fans in on his ideas, on Facebook, and made an open invite to them all – which was great news indeed.
This comes shortly after the
rapper, “Make you dance” singer vowed to employ “more effort… to be number one.” rapper in the region.
At the same time, Sean Black also thanked his fans and friends across the globe for supporting him always without end.
We, at Northern Buzz simply wishes you the best of luck , Sean Black , with all your endeavors.