Robi Tee’s All-Time Best Style Moments: See Her Fashion Evolution

Robi Tee Gomez has always been one to experiment with her personal style and lately it has gotten good. Like, really good. Stepping out in modern-chic suits and dazzling around in standout dresses, we can’t help but admire her ever evolving look.
Kicking off her brother’s (EeZzy) music career and as well doubling as a fashionista in Northern Uganda’s land, Robi Tee soon became a face to visit as a star designer for various musicians and artists. This level of stardom meant lots of events to dress up for. It was during these mid-2000’s events that Robi Tee showed off her youthful sense of style. Think skinny jeans with long tanks and
Converse sneakers for the more causal shows and fit-and-flare skirt dresses for the fancier occasions.
Always maintaining a sense of elegance, she played around with different added vibes, donning edgier styles with cute makeup and sleek hair, as well as
sexier designs that incorporated tasteful cutouts and curve-hugging fits. Through this slight and smart transition, the young woman evolved into a fierce and confident leading lady — and style icon. In fact, the Aro Closets owner cemented herself as a Northern Uganda’s fashionista so much that she became the face for many other fashionista, going on to help create pieces for the designer brand.