Sad News as Singer Roslyn Otim also tested positive for Coronavirus.

Legendary singer Roslyn storm Otim commonly known with songs such as Nyeka oleyo oda,Anyaka kin kang,patriotic pader and others tested positive for global epidemics disease Covid 19/ coronavirus in UK.

The news was first broken by Jenifer Lawala daughter Erin Kiden before Roslyn Otim her came out to clarified it.

“Thanks all my fans and friend indeed I am unwell”.. Said Roslyn Storm Otim after Jenifer Lawala daughter Erin Kiden posted about her illness with Covid 19.

” Pray for Aunts Roslyn Arach Otim too ,been informed she is also battling with the virus too.also pray for our dear love ones who are silently battling with the disease.we are with all of you in prayers”..Bet Erin Kiden posted.

Uganda singer Roslyn Storm otim is a well known Singer in Northern part of the country,currently basing in UK London. She was among those who fought for peace in Northern Uganda during the war between Uganda government and LRA.