Samuel Zii pro Headed Back To Marks Record,Kiddy face agree to pay him 3.4 millions UGX monthy.

After taking some time to try out a new record label, Samuel Zii pro is Back at Gulu based records production house Marks records, and that is surely good news for those fans that can’t get enough of the super Producer.

It was announced this week that Samuel PRO has re-signed another contract with Marks Records,a deals that make him to agree to re works with thé records,As part of the deal, the Gulu based producer will work with the label for an unknown period of time, and he will bring his entire production career along with him
As part of the announcement, the record label CEO Kiddy face revealed that thé Producer is already hard at work on some new projects at thé records production house, he also added that probably Samuel Zii PRO stand to earn 3.4 million as monthy Salary.

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