Singer Acholi Rapper Lobby excited after getting two sacks of maize from Covid 19 task force.

Despite the fact that celebrities like Bsg Labongo,Bobi wine,Lil pazzo & Bebe cool are making donations to help their country during this Covid 19 pandemic,celebrity like Acholi Rapper Lobby are awaiting to receives the donated one.

We also learned that not only Mc Young Moni is complaining about being broke during this Quarantine period but also celebrity like Acholi Rapper Lobby.

Yesterday 23rd,April,Apito twol singer Rapper Lobby buzzed his facebook timeline with excitement message after receiving over 2 sacks of maize from the wakiso District Covid 19 tasks force.

“Thank God at least I have tested it.I received my Covid 19 Gov’t package,those who are busing it.I haven’t seen,its pure clean beans pure posho.
Haters will say am not vulnerable poor.”.. Said Lobby.