Singer Adong hits with excitement after signing 4millions Ugx deals to promote Abryanz underwear.

Northern Uganda’s based Gulu singer Adong hits with excitement after signing endorsement deal With Uganda’s most value fashion brand Abryanz Fashion.

This time it’s seems like Abryanz want to promote his fashion beyond borders not only in Kampala as usual.

Last week,Abryanz fashion signed endorsement deal with song bird Lydia Jazmine to promote their newly underwear brand ‘Abryanz underwear’.Luckly Gulu city based singer Adong also bagged the deal to promote the underwear in Northern region.

We are not sure yet why Abryanz choose only Adong to promote their underwear brand in Northern Uganda but we are only told the endorsement deal Adong signed comes with the package of 4millionsUgx and she has been given 3millionsUgx while the remaining 1millions will be paid after completing the work well.

Northern Buzz keep you posted!