Singer APASS To Museveni..…YOU’RE SELFISH

Talented musician A pass has added his voice to the many Ugandans against the removal of the presidential age limit, labeling President Yoweri Museveni and his cohorts SELFISH.
Apass becomes the latest of a growing number of entertainers to publicly oppose the age limit removal.
Others like Bobi Wine have openly declared war to those in favour of removal.
Apass wrote recently: “I feel like this is a selfish move to help the president keep Uganda as his personal business. The funny thing is that he is acting like he knows nothing about it, he seems detached but he is in touch.
I have a problem understanding why it’s the issue the parliamentarians have to discuss yet there is a lot going
one in the country that is never discussed and solved for example poverty, high taxation, poor education poor service delivery, corruption, misuse of public funds among others. Why now !!!
I personally would have had no problem with President Museveni being president if he did enough to help Ugandans to have a better life but he has not but instead we are exploited and it’s high time he says good bye when this term is over and let someone else try as well.
We don’t need to fight each other we are all Ugandans and we are all brothers and sisters but we need to fight for our constitution to stay intact and respected by those in power who want to change it for selfish reasons and if the reasons are not selfish let them tell us why it’s so important.”