Singer Bosmic Otim life is now in danger,plan to kill Bosmic is on!—-unknown woman said

Singer Lucky Bosmic Otim life is now in danger as reveals by unknown woman on how some  Acholi parliamentary group are planning to kill him.

Unknown woman went on accusing that there is too much plan under Acholi parliamentary group on killing the local musician a.k.a  Lucky Bosmic Otim for exploiting their corrupts to the public. But as It always seem to have began just when he joined politic for the new change and development of everyone in a society but thing never goes well he failed last 2021- 2026 general election.

  • Bosmic Otim life now in too much trouble as some of parliamentary group are planning to kill him on through many different ways as the only way to stop exploiting their corrupt, I have cry note for him. They are really planning to kill and to dismiss him on ways like poisonings, giving attack through police and solider as in act of first by arresting him through the police and later hand to solider for more treatment as to dismiss him easily. Unknown woman said.

Gen Otema Awany, Kidega Nock and William are accused as the master planner for the Bosmic Otim death.

Here are the link below for the speech made by Unknown woman and song made by Luck Bosmic Otim on accusing  must corrupts.

Listen to the note voice>>>>

Listen to the song corrupt>>>