Singer Cool Boy To Make A comeback with new album title ‘’Never Cool’’

Cool Boy has come to terms with the fact he had remained silence and cool in the music arena. Cool Boy’s music career drops down below fan’s expectations shortly when he relocated to Australia.
Known mostly for hits like ‘okelo iye’, ‘kula kula’, and others, Cool Boy admits being trendy is still way off, but he’s busy cooking new art pieces in the studio and the abum he’s title ‘never cool’: “I’d love to be cool but I’m never gonna get that title. The nearest I got to being cool was from Gulu northern uganda and I was ¬playing on the school entertainments hall Stage and I thought I’ll crowd surf. “So I threw myself off the stage and I crowd surfed as the sun was going down at Gulu Senior and I thought you know what, ‘I am cool, I am!’
“Then I went back to the stage and I realized it was too high for me to climb back on and there was a man on the stage and I looked into his face and said, ‘Help me’. “I realized he was a cameraman broadcasting to the students. Not cool, never going to be.” Never mind, he’s back with a brilliant new album, One upon a Mind, and is feeling ¬happier than ever. He said: , its impacted everything. It was really good before and it’s better now.” He added: “I suppose my first song was quite self-orientated,. He says the closest he ever got to being cool was performing at High school but never cool now

“Then the next few songs were all me lying to you and trying to take money off you. But I have got a few things going on now. I am married, I have new family. “So I’m not writing for myself, I’m writing about the people I love, I write for them.”., music isn’t just about painting a wall, it’s painting a picture, having emotion.”