Singer Daugy Fresh Confesses He’s Secretly Crushing On Fellow Engaged Song Bird Liama Irene

The “Perom” star Daugy Fresh has confessed his undying secret love crush on “Missing You” song bird, Liama Irene.
Daugy Fresh revealed how he cannot stop desiring and admiring Liama Irene since it’s addictive mindset.
January 16 2018, Daugy Fresh said he could not bottle up his feelings towards fellow singer Liama Irene, who is apparently a happily engaged woman to Sky Light Music promoter Badman Solo.
My objective and aim is to propose to her for a date coming Feb without delay since it’s becoming depressive disorder to him.
Though Daugy Fresh is as well engaged to his baby’s mom, he confessed being more than ready to take Liama Irene as his second wife and fully fulfils her needs.
We wishes him the best in his desires.