Singer Eezzy collabo with Lydia Jazmine leaked to the public over weak management.

Despite the fact that Opoka Eric best known Eezzy is among the best artist currently, the singer seems to have a management who is very weak in managing the out flow of his music contents.

Even though Eezzy haven’t yet announced the released of his collabo with sexy Diva Lydia Jazmine,their teamed up song to be release seems to be out to the public.

Report from Gulu city shows that the song that was leaked out like about 3weeks ago has been received and plays by most playing point/music burning center in Gulu city without the artist Authorization.

This is not the first Eezzy songs to be leaked to the public.
Most Music marketing experts in Gulu says Eezzy has a manager who is weak in managing the music contents out flow of the artist.they added that how possible is it a song that is recorded in one studio and handle by one music producer rapidly spread out to the public without the Authorization?.they also advised the manager to learned how to store artist unreleased songs such as using clouds,home computer not a Laptop that can be moves with or mobile phone and take full responsible to avoid feature mess.

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